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Stop School Bullying With Otoplasty

Bullying is one of the major issues today, especially with school-age children. Sometimes it springs out of insecurity, but in some cases, it can be due to some physical problem that the victim has.

One particular subject of most ridicule is prominent ears. It is when the ears are at a more significant angle away from the head. The teasing not only crashes the child’s self-esteem but just might scar him or her way into adulthood.

So to prevent the needless bashing, otoplasty surgery on children can be done to remedy the problem.

What is Otoplasty Surgery?

Otoplasty is a procedure that is aimed at improving the structure and placement of the ears. Aside from being an ideal solution for correcting overly protruding ears, otoplasty surgery can also improve folded ears, cupped ears and even ears that have been disfigured due to burns or similar accidents.

The process involves incisions made at the back of the ears to sculpt it to a certain shape, and afterwards remove some cartilage that has been pushing the ear to protrude. Sutures are also used to “pin” the ear in place, which is at a closer angle to the head.

This procedure is often done in children between the ages five to fourteen and is often administered on adults too. Otoplasty surgeons will not operate on anyone younger than five because it is important the ear has stopped growing before any repair will be made.

Trusting your surgeon

The surgeon and clinic on whom to trust your child’s ear pinning procedure should also be chosen very carefully, to ensure that your child will be under the best care. For a highly experienced, skilled and board-certified surgeon who specialises in otoplasty visit Dr Zurek plastic surgery.

Is earlier necessarily better?

Some surgeons would suggest that the earlier the surgery is done, the less teasing and taunting the child experiences, especially when he/she has not started school yet. However, this matter should be decided very carefully by the parents. An operation will be very distressing for a child, especially when they know that they will be apart from their mommy and daddy during the procedure.

With careful consideration and deliberation from the parents and the child as well, a dramatic result won’t be far off. The parents should also think about how they would manage the healing period, which can be very challenging for them and the kid as well. Although in some cases some heal at a good pace.

With the dramatic results that an otoplasty surgery creates, you can avoid having your child go through emotional torment in these delicate formative years.

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