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How to Start Losing Weight

Regardless of body image pressure or preference, if you are overweight, your body is more likely to struggle physically and will be susceptible to certain ailments. Working toward a lower body weight will increase your health and wellbeing. Taking the first step can, however, be difficult. Improving your body is a slow process but, while there are no quick fixes, there are many simple and effective ways to reach your ideal weight.

Go Slow

Positive habits are the key to victory. Going for a long run once a month will not bring about the dramatic change required to lose weight. Instead, look at your daily routine and incorporate more activity. Exchange a bus journey for a walk. Reduce your snacking. Picking up physical activities as a hobby, such as climbing or swimming. Once you begin to adjust your lifestyle with small increments you will build a habit, and it is a habit that will become your drive.

It is understood that a habit takes thirty days to be sustained. After this period, not taking your walk or missing an afternoon’s swim will feel unnatural. So, do not think of losing weight as the project for the year, think of it instead as thirty days and take your progress one step at a time. Once you build a positive routine, the progress will only become easier to make.

The Right Reasons

The drive for self-improvement should come from within. Feeling obligated or pressured by others can lead to mental issues, such as depression. This extends to adopting other people’s methods for losing weight. If your colleague manages to spend time at the gym, do not feel pressured to do the same. What works for them may not work for you. If you feel like you are losing weight at a slower pace, do not worry. Comparing your progress to others leads to a sense of defeatism, or that your methods are not working. Your goal is to be better than yesterday, not to be better than others.

Know Your Body 

If you are having difficulty losing weight or suspect that there may be an underlying ailment affecting your body, it is important that you seek medical advice. Many illnesses, such as hypothyroidism, only present subtle symptoms that, for many, go unnoticed. Low levels of T3 and T4 in your body can lead to fatigue and weight gain. Then, if they are left untreated, may develop into more serious afflictions. Regardless of your sense of wellbeing, making an appointment for a consultation can have its benefits. Annual check-ups can be helpful, especially if they catch an illness early on. They also allow your doctor to give feedback and advice on your lifestyle.

Keeping track of your own energy levels and diet allows you to identify any issues you may have. By the same token, when seeking to lose weight, you will see your energy levels increase and your health improve, which is a key indicator that you are on the right path.

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