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The advantages of a soft close toilet seat

Listen to that call. Do you hear it? 
The call of nature to help remove waste from body
Well, if you hear it then it’s time to use the toilet. The toilet still remains one of the most used bathroom equipment.
Ideally, the toilet has two features that need to be at 100 percent for a good toilet; functionality and user comfort.
This article focuses on the advantages of the soft close toilet seat in an effort to improve functionality and user comfort.

  1. Easy installation
    Only one tool; flat-head screwdriver and you are good to go. The installation is broken down easily in the seat manual you get while buying the soft seat.
    You will but notice how easy it is.
  2. Easy maintenance
    Toilet cleanliness is non-negotiable. It is imperative.
    The soft close toilet offers easy maintenance in that you can remove it with only the flat-head screwdriver and fix it back after the cleaning.
    Besides, they come made of micro-organism resistant bacteria plastic or vinyl. The feature is necessary as it ensures no need for regular cleaning and consequently easy maintenance of the toilet seat.
  3. Helps protect the Toilet bowl
    Toilets are considerably expensive. Are they not? Therefore, calls for need to protect them for by doing so, you are protecting money.
    Also, remember even a simple crack will require of you to change the toilet seat.
    Toilet seats can be the cause for damage caused to your toilet bowl. Hence need to look for a toilet seat that helps you with this- the soft toilet seat.
    The soft toilet seat needs a considerably less amount of force to close. Thence, minimizing risk to the bowl.
  4. Noise Minimization
    This advantage is probably the most widely known advantage.
    You know when your kid is closing the toilet seat, and then they lose their grip. The noise from the toilet seat as it lands on the toilet bowl can be irritating and annoying. The soft toilet seat helps you out with this menace.
    Whereas the traditional toilet seats made loud noises on closure, the soft close toilet seat makes almost no noise. Hence, you never have to worry on when that irritating noise is going to greet your ear.
    Worse, the irritant noise may come at night!
  5. Safety in Use
    Are you a household with kids?
    If yes, then this soft close seat is a must.
    Stop worrying about when your kid will be trapped by the toilet seat or injured by it. A soft toilet seat improves the child’s toilet experience by a huge margin.Bonus advantage; the seat offers a warmth and extra cushion which improves user comfort. Besides, it takes into account the vulnerable; the sick, the elderly and the kids.
    With a look of all the advantages listed, one can say that the soft toilet seat improves the functional state and user comfort.
    A necessary addition for your bathroom if you may; shop toilet seats here.

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