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How to Plan a Hair Transplant Procedure

The hair transplant procedure is a single permanent surgical option to regain the natural hair from the area where it is lost via the hair root’s changing the location process. The root transfer in the surgical restoration applies the extraction method, either done by the FUT technique or through the FUE hair transplant. The regrowth of hair takes place within the four months of the surgery, but one can experience the natural looks and appeal after completing 12-14 years of the hair transplant surgery. The hair transplant cost extensively based on the factors related to the procedure directly and of course, it is the number of hair follicles or graft. Per graft cost in India, generally ranges between 25-130 INR considered as the most affordable cost as compared to the developed nations like USA, UK, and the UAE.

The planning before receiving the procedure is mandatory as it influences the outcome in the sense of choosing the best hair transplant surgeon, certified clinics, and cost of the procedure as well as the best outcomes followed by the right technique at the right time.

In this Article, we are mentioning the facts related to the planning of a hair Transplant Procedure described below:-

  • Who one is the Best Surgeon?

Choosing the surgeon to receive the hair transplant procedure is itself an informative task needs the research and analysis in terms of opting for the best decision. The Surgeon must be a plastic & cosmetic surgeon and holds the M.S and M Ch degree to perform the procedure. The specialization earned to do the surgery does matter and sets the surgeon apart from the rest of the others. It is mandatory that the Surgeon is an active member of the ISHRS, ISAPS, IAHRS, etc. So, when you receive the procedure from a qualified and experienced, of course, it does matter and influences the outcome of the procedure.

  • Which One is the Assured Hair Transplant Clinic?

The hair transplant clinic must be a certified one! You must be concerned about choosing the clinic as the standard and facilities do matter in choosing the hair transplant clinic. The clinic must be adhering to the standard facilities, care as well as the modern equipment and technology. If a clinic seriously following the modern management for providing the cosmetic surgery deserves the top place in offering the hair transplant surgeries.

  • What is the Number of Good Results Provided by the Clinic?

It is an inevitable and pertinent factor in order to know about the clinic’s recognition as well as the surgeon’s reputation that how many numbers of good results is provided by them. It is always good and trustworthy that you have picked that selection has a well-standing reputation in the hair transplant market. However, it is pertinent to go through the outcomes provided by the particular clinic and cross-check the feedback posted by the respective patients from that clinic.

  • What is the Cost of Hair Transplant?

It is a prerequisite in the surgery to know about the cost of the procedure. The cost of the hair transplant procedure must be known in advance in order to plan the surgical procedure with the best budget-plan options. It has been out that the procedure’s cost in India is lesser despite giving the best outcomes as it depends on the expenditure power and the income capacity of the masses in a particular country and the sub-continent.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is such a cosmetic surgery needs an extreme planning and precision in the view of selecting the best one that fulfils the desired aesthetic goal of the hair transplant surgery.

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