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7 Quick But Unusual Gifts She Will Love!

Finding a perfect gift for a girl isn’t the easiest thing. It’s hard to say what she will like, and you don’t want to do the traditional chocolate, bouquets and wine story. In this post, we bring 7 quick and yet unusual gift ideas that she will love.

  1. Rose in a dome. The concept of forever rose can be credited to this European brand called Notta & Belle, which offers a real rose in a glass dome that stays as packed for the next five years. The rose is real, and your girl can remove the glass dome and touch it too.

  1. A ‘tree of life’ bracelet. Another great product by all means, you can get a tree of life bracelet at many curio shops. These are designed with the symbol that’s loved and revered by many.
  1. An antique pendant. You just need to hunt a few shops, and you can find antique and vintage pendants and chains of all kinds. These are just ideal for almost any occasion, and trust us when we say that girls have a thing for jewelry.
  1. A customized cushion. Your girl is what she is, and if you know her well, you will be able to get a custom cushion or cover for her that talks of her motto in life. There are many online printed services that will help for nominal charges.
  1. Frame her best Instagram picture. She is an Instagram star, and you should be celebrating that. Make sure that you check for the best picture that you can find on her profile, and you can frame as a token of your love.
  1. A small collection of photos. Pick some of your best images together and get a collage done. That’s the best possible way to have fun with your old memories, while having something that you both can cherish.

  1. A classic coffee mug. Don’t go for those custom printed coffee mugs. Everyone’s doing those. What you need a classic mug, and get her a set of paints, if she loves doing DIY. You can also visit one of those curio stores to get something that’s rustic and unique feel.

What are you waiting for? Grab one of these ideas and get started with shopping.  If you want to find more on the rose from Notta & Belle, please check their website, where you can choose between colors and sizes and find custom detailing options too.

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