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Living Libido Loca: 3 Surefire Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex is an inseparable part of life. Whether you are abiding by your call of nature to reproduce or taking a pleasure trip of sexual self-discovery or using this act as a tool for intimacy; the art of sex is important. Sex also offers a range of impressive health benefits like supporting your immune system, boosting your libido and mood, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and the risk of heart attack, promoting quality sleep, and more!

While these health benefits are bonafide, sex alone cannot sustain health. Proper nutrition is required and if sitting down for a meal is taking up too much play time, be sure to stock up on all the essential vitamins your body needs. Check out Analyze That for reviews on the best brands that are currently available on the market.

With your supplements set, let’s get into our 3 surefire ways to spice up your sex life to help you live a ‘libido loca’.

1. The Allure Of Anticipation

Whether you are ‘making love’ or bonking your brains out; building tension and anticipation is an important part of sex. It multiplies desire, satisfaction, the ability to be responsive and reciprocate lust while challenging you to have a little self-restraint! This, in turn, builds intimacy and connection, allowing for a more passionate and explosive experience.

This doesn’t mean that more renowned methods like sexting, and talking dirty are the only way to do this. There are many ways to ignite the flames of passion as anticipation is built on mental, emotional, and physical (in terms of displays of affection) levels. These include witty banter, bathing together, dressing up in a sultry ensemble, reading or watching erotica together, massage with aromatic oils, and setting the mood with lighting and music.

2. Explore And Evolve The Erotic Experience

Everyone has fantasies and, although we may feel like they are embarrassing or ‘out there’, the odds are that your partner is thinking the same thing. But if we let our fear keep us from fulfilling our fantasies, we will never be truly happy with our relationship or ourselves.

The foundation of a successful relationship is effective communication and this should be leveraged in the bedroom. You don’t have to cannonball into the deep end, start by dipping your toes into the pleasure pool and encourage your partner to do the same. Be open and non-judgemental, remembering that neither of you is inclined to fulfill these fantasies. You can’t force your partner to share with you but positive reinforcement and affirmation may help. Finally, honor the sanctity of the safe space and keep your fantasies a secret between the involved parties – the point of the exercise is to cultivate trust, not break it.

If you feel you don’t really know where to begin with sharing your fantasies, a great place to start is by exploring your dominant and submissive sides. This can be as simple as reversing the roles of who takes the lead in bed or asking them for directions by giving them a selection of choices.

3. Break Away From The Boredom Of Routine

They say that routine is the killer of relationships, and this villain has been making relationships stale since the dawn of time. A few ways to keep things spicy include:

  • Learning new positions and to keep expanding your repertoire, nothing quite kills the mood like predictability. But keep in mind that 1 or 2 new moves is good enough, you don’t need to turn each copulation into a ‘how to’ video.
  • Implementing sex toys to get the vibe going.
  • Take your antics to outside of the confines of the bedroom walls.
  • Explore the boundaries of blindfolds and bondage.
  • Practice self-love and masturbation.
  • Revel in a little role play.
  • Introducing sensations (like ice) and tastes (like chocolate) into your sexy time.

There are many things you can do to live a ‘libido loca’ – with our top 3 methods including mastering the art of allure, exploring your erotic fantasies, and implementing ways to beat the boredom of routine. All of these suggestions are bound to spice up your sex life but bare in mind; for them to work effectively, you need a foundation of trust, open communication, and self-confidence.

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