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Things Parents Need To Know About Toddler Nutrition And Feeding!

From age one, your child can start eating some of the adult foods, but as a parent, you have to be cautious and careful with both nutrition and how you feed the child. Toddler nutrition, especially for children over the age of one and under the age of three, is an aspect that’s not much talked about. New parents often have no clue as how they can handle the tantrums and picky food choices of young children. In this this post, we bring a few tips and facts worth knowing about toddler nutrition and feeding.

Don’t create a fuss over certain foods

You may have liked certain foods when you were young, but that doesn’t have to be the case with your child. If the toddler refuses to eat a food, let it go and do not force feed. Keep in mind that nutrition is more important than liking a particular thing, and you don’t want to turn the meal time into a battleground.

Aim for meals, not snacks

Anything that’s sweet or likeable is a good snack, but the idea is to have a routine for your toddler. For the advanced generation, we need to create a schedule and stick to it at all times. Avoid offering snacks in between meals, because you child has very little appetite and may refuse food at the right time.

Show them what you eat

Children between the age of one and four are fast learners, and they understand the habits of their parents. Make sure that you are eating healthy, and if the schedules and timings permit, try and have food together. Creating good habits take time, but this is also the ideal age when you can actually suggest and introduce good foods.

Be patient

Toddlers, besides being picky, often tend to eat in a messy way, and one meal session can last quite long. As a parent, you have to exercise patience and make sure that you don’t give up too early. It is also important to understand how food preferences work, but do give them the food items that they like. Also, it is not a good idea to insist them on completing their plate. The meal time should be just meal time, and the child should know that food is essential, so don’t bribe them to eat by showing videos.

Parenting doesn’t come with tutorials, so take your time!

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