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E-cigarettes are safer and less harmful than tobacco cigarettes – Is this true?

It can’t be denied that there is a wide array of information both offline and online about how bad cigarettes are for your health. The tar and smoke of tobacco cigarettes is also directly linked to causing heart issues and even cancer. Not only that, cigarettes have many other negative impacts on human health and all these are nothing but true yet bold claims. When it is proved that cigarettes can lead to cancer, this is a rather grave concern. Tobacco producers have also brought a change in the way they started packaging their products.

Amongst all this, the new debate around the corner is whether or not e-cigarettes are safe enough. Are they even better than tobacco cigarettes? Here are few things that you should know.

Less nicotine is always better for your health

Before you book for your first electronic cigarette from online stores like V2 UK, you need to know that the e-cigs are considered safer than tobacco cigarettes simply due to the fact that they comprise of less nicotine as compared with cigarettes. Nevertheless, if you choose a cartridge with lower nicotine, if you inhale it twice, this is going to gradually boost your dosage.

In case you’re totally addicted to nicotine, you’re supposed to choose methods which are much less toxic and harmful for your lungs. There are patches and gums through which the nicotine can be delivered via a method that is much safer. You can also be aware of the extent of nicotine that you’re consuming through these methods as you’ll remain informed about the dosage.

Ignorance of facts doesn’t mean safety

There are still no such studies which prove that electronic cigarettes can never lead to cancer. This doesn’t certify that they’re totally safe or that they can never lead to cancer. It is not just proved yet. Whenever you think of inhaling chemicals to your lungs, do you think it is something too good that you’re putting inside your lungs? Anything apart from fresh air can be harmful for your lungs and hence you have to understand that too much of vaping can also become harmful for your health.

When you have been inhaling nicotine for a long time now, it starts plugging into your brain receptors thereby offering you the immense pleasure that you get. Nicotine is the main addictive substance and hence if you can shrug it off, you’d be successful in quitting smoking. So, try out other alternative activities like walking, running, working out or listening to music whenever you feel the rush of smoking or vaping.

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