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Five Ways Older Adults can Maintain their Personal Hygiene

For seniors, maintaining their personal hygiene habits can be challenging. An illness or a lack of mobility may make them unable to perform important tasks such as bathing and grooming. But, they have to maintain good hygiene to stay well and healthy. Compromising personal hygiene puts them at risk of some health issues. Below are some ways seniors can maintain their personal hygiene:

Have a Daily Routine and Stick to It

The best way for seniors to continue to do their hygiene tasks is to schedule each task. Hygiene tasks like brushing the teeth, shaving, combing hair and applying deodorant must be carried out at the same time each day. Creating a routine helps them feel calmed especially if they have dementia.

Have Accessible Clothing

Even dressing can become a chore for many seniors. But, because they still have to wear clean clothing every day, they need to have those pieces accessible. Family members should pick comfortable clothing that has elastic closures. They must encourage their senior loved one to change clothing while seated to prevent slips and falls.

Take a Bath Every Day

Aging people are prone to dry skin which makes bathing or showering essential. In general, they must clean themselves every couple of days. Setting a cleaning schedule may remind them it is time to clean up and take a bath on their own. While a number of them may be able to take a bath without assistance, others will require the assistance of an in home care services provider.

Keep Nails Trimmed and Cleaned

Seniors usually overlook their fingernails and toenails as part of their hygiene tasks. Neglecting such areas may leave them developing uncomfortable and dangerous infections. Family members or caregivers must ensure the nails are clipped regularly. Also, they should file down rough edges of the nail to ensure seniors won’t scratch themselves. Nails must be kept dry to prevent fungal infections.

Maintain a Good Hairstyle

Grooming can be made easier when seniors have short or braided hairstyles as tangling is less likely to happen. But, there is more to just choosing a low-maintenance hairstyle. A lot of people associate their hair with how they look and feel about themselves so aging people who do not like how their hair makes them look may not care about grooming. Family members can take their seniors to a hair stylist to choose a hairstyle that is easy to care and suitable for the personal taste of their loved one.

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