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Best Portable Vaporizer For Weed Sommelier Wannabes

All jokes aside, a wine sommelier is a noble profession and it’s admirable to what extent some people can hone their senses of smell and taste. As cannabis culture continues to become more and more sophisticated, it’s understandable that some people would develop similar talents for this new purpose. A small percent of lucky people just seem to possess a heightened sense of smell and are able to distinguish different aromas and flavors, which means they can enjoy these pleasures to whole new heights. For anybody who finds they can accurately distinguish between the type of cannabis strains they taste, and gains great pleasure from identifying the different undertones of their product, this article will tell you about two of the best portable vaporizers for weed that provide the purest, tastiest vapor.

DaVinci IQ

On their very own website page for this product, DaVinci boasts that the IQ produces the best ever tasting vapor from a vaporizer. Besides desktop vaporizers anyways, DaVinci might actually be correct about this, or close to it. They definitely provide an impressive array of reasons to consider this one of the best portable vaporizers for weed. The flavor aspect in particular comes from the fact that the vapor path is made entirely of ceramic and zirconia (zirconia is what fake diamonds are made of by the way). The precisely controlled conduction heat releases intense aromas to be enjoyed by those with enhanced palates.

Storz and Bickel’s Mighty

The Volcano might be a super familiar name for a huge percentage of stoners in the world, but few people even know the name of the company: Storz and Bickel. By bringing the highest qualities of german engineering and experience in the production of medical equipment to the creation process of the Volcano years ago, this company jump started the whole cannabis vaporizer industry. Understandably, they didn’t stop at desktop vapes with their Volcano, but they also branched out and created a solid contender for the best portable vaporizer for weed. The plastic might turn some people off but it means a very sturdy and reliable product that can take a beating and a half, all while encasing a premium vaporization system within. You can find beamingly positive reviews for this product throughout all the far reaches of the web, trust me.

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