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Renting a Boat for the First Time? Let this Article Guide You

Before you rush to a boat rental, you need to get acquainted with a few things. Follow these tips to rent a boat like a pro even when you are a newbie to this. We assure you that by following these tips your excursion will be successful right from the very beginning.

  1. Weather reports and water level

Always be aware of the current weather before you approach Kemah boat rentals and then plan accordingly. When you are aware of the upcoming storms, lightning, and nautical conditions, it keeps you on a safer side. Additionally, get acquainted with the waterbody you are sailing on such as its water level.

  1. What kind of boat rental are you looking for?

Not every boat is built equally. Do your due diligence on what kind of watercraft is suitable enough to meet the needs of your desired watersport no matter if it is cruising, fishing, jet skiing, pontooning etc.

  1. Get acquainted with the boat

Take all the time you need to get acquainted with the boat before you sail far away from the shore. Feel free to ask the boat rental representative to show you the ropes and if you are not sure, ask them again. Take into consideration for taking it to a spin nearby with a staff member.

  1. The guest list

Boats have restrictive capacities needed to maintain their safety. So, reserve a boat that is sufficient enough when it comes to size. Know the guests before you depart the port. You will be held duly responsible for their safety and actions while the trip is ongoing. You can have fun too while expecting responsible behavior at the same time.

  1. Dry phones and protected skin

Always keep your electronics in a waterproof bags and apply sunscreen with high SPF rating frequently. Always keep in mind that you will sunburn on the water at a faster rate. The burn can sometimes last for up to 4 hours after exposure.

  1. Overdress

Temperatures tend to vary immensely on water ranging from hot to cold. Particularly if you have got sunburned. Therefore, dress in layers.

  1. Safety first

Do not drink liquor on the boat or act irresponsibly. Always use common sense and don life vests at all time. And always be respectful of the fellow boaters, water goers and the guests.

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