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Your Guide For The Must-Have Camping Essentials

If you love venturing into the wild on weekends, you should consider investing in some camping essentials. Camping is surely fun and engaging, but it’s equally important to be prepared, especially if you are traveling with kids or plan to go deep in the hinterlands. In this post, we bring you the important and must-have camping essentials.

  • First aid kit and medicine. No matter where you are headed, you must have first aid kit and basic medicines with you. Keep in mind that long trails and walks can cause bumps, pain and other medical concerns, and you won’t find the right supplies when required the most.
  • Lights, accessories and flashlight. Camping is all about enjoying the ambience, and you cannot make the most of the dark, especially if you are away from the city. Check for some of the basic things such as headlights, flashlights, and camping light kits. Many brands also have decorative camping light accessories, which can be handy when you are in mood for some fun.
  • Get maps and compasses. Most of us are addicted to our phones and tablets these days, but back in the wild, you may not have access to GPS. Not to forget, your phone runs on charge, which is limited. Get the basic navigation essentials in place, including a campus. Also, check the maps are updated. You can even download and print local maps.

  • Appropriate clothing. You may have checked the forecasts for a week, but in mountains and hilly areas, you cannot predict weather changes correctly. Make sure that you have at least one weatherproof jacket, which can protect you from rain and wind.
  • Basic travel necessities. You need fire to cook your food, and for that, you need matches. Get some extra and consider buying lighters. You also need a Swiss Army Knife, so as to cut things when required. Also, make sure that you have stocked things like toilet paper, sunscreen, bug and mosquito spray, sanitizer and sunglasses.

If you want to watch birds and wildlife, you also need binoculars – a good one to be precise. Entertainment is also important, so pack handy and lightweight games, such as playing cards or board games. For those who plan to go trekking or hiking, it is important to pack light and get the right pair of shoes. Safety is paramount, and for that, consider the terrain and region.

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