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Most Common of Bed Bug Treatments to Get Rid of Infestation

You may come across a wide number of options that would get rid of bed bugs effectively. However, at times it could get largely confusing when determining which of the available options would be your best option.

Find below basic information pertaining to the most common of methods designed by https://solutioncimex.com.

  1. Whole room heated treatment

The heat treatment equipment would be used for bed bug controlling needs. The entire room would be heat treated entailing a bed bugs exterminator using specially designed equipment. The equipment has been designed to raise the temperature in the home for killing bed bugs in the best manner possible. The bed bugs along with their eggs would be eliminated within 90 minutes at 48 degree Celsius and instantly at 50 degree Celsius.

During the heat treatment, the air temperature in the room would be increased and remote thermometers placed inside the house would ensure that adequate temperature has been reached to get rid of bed bugs for good. The duration of the heat treatment would roughly be between six to eight hours. It would be dependent on the overall condition of the area to be treatment.

However, during heat treatment, heat sensitive items and pets would be removed from the area undergoing treatment. Ensure you discuss with the bed bugs exterminator about anything not being treated with heat to be treated otherwise.

  1. Insecticide treatments

Insecticide treatments would be conducted thoroughly and appropriately by a competent and licensed bed bugs exterminator. It would be an effective mode to control bed bugs. You would come across three different kinds of insecticides. It would be used in order to acquire the best results suitable to your specific needs. There have been several brands of insecticides made available in the market. However, you would be required to choose the one suitable to your needs and budget.

  • Quick acting, contact insecticide used on the surfaces frequently touched by the humans.
  • A residual insecticide for inside furniture, crevices and cracks along with underside of surfaces that could be easily accessed by humans.
  • Dust insecticide for voids, crevices and cracks inclusive of baseboards and electrical outlets.

The bed bugs exterminator should offer other services as well inclusive of container heat treatments, freezing infested items and steam applications. Most of the times, items treated with such optional control does not often need an insecticide treatment. As a result, only fewer insecticides would be required.

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