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Six Things that Could Go Wrong in a Wedding and How to Handle Them

Weddings, no matter how planned they are, can have a single hitch. However big or small the situation is, it could surely make you panic. However, being aware of the possible wedding mishaps can help you prepare in advance and respond to it like in the most effective way possible.

Below are some things that could go wrong at a wedding and how you can deal with them:

Uncooperative Weather

No matter how you try to forecast weather and ensure you’ll have a flawless outdoor wedding; Mother Nature may still do her thing. To make sure avoid having a wedding on an inclement weather, do not look at the weather far in advance. Be ready with what you will need if the temperature is dropping.

Wardrobe Malfunctions

Stories about a ripped dress, loose buttons, a broken zipper, a broke high heel, and others are quite common. You can deal with this situation by having a professional seamstress available to ensure everything goes smoothly. If you cannot afford to hire your own seamstress, know in advance if a family member or somebody in the bridal party can sew.

Wrong Vehicle Route

Sometimes, something like this can happen. That is why make sure you assign a planner in the limo or bus. It is quite helpful to have somebody with the knowledge of the exact venue address, the perfect route, and the number of people on the vehicle. Also, take time to review the route with the driver beforehand.

Missing Rings

The best man cannot find the rings or has placed them somewhere safe but forget to take them to the venue. But, you should not panic. Although the situation does not look good, if the rings are missing, just borrow a pair somebody else for the moment and replace them with your wedding rings later.

Sound System Disaster

Whether you are using the sound system from the hotel or bringing your own, disasters can occur. If you need to give a speech, talk to the band as they might spare equipment you can borrow. Just move the speeches t the band’s location and have them done before the first dance.

Uninvited Guests

Perhaps you were as clear as you could be on your guest list and invitation that only invited guests can have a plus one. But, the friend who tags along comes with a date and now you have no spare chairs for this extra guest. You can handle this by talking to your wedding coordinator to organize an extra chair and some food for that person.

Hiring a dependable wedding planner will ensure everything at your wedding, including the disasters, is taken care of. Want to have a unique Vegas wedding? Read this article from Custom Las Vegas Weddings for tips on unique wedding in Vegas ideas.

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