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What makes vaping healthier than smoking?’

It has been over a decade now since vape pens have came into existence and still the debate continues that whether or not vaping is better than smoking. Though it can’t be denied that vaping is a rather new concept as compared to smoking, it has gained momentum very soon. Electronic cigarettes are used throughout the globe and their demand has been soaring since then due to the potential benefits that it poses. There are many people who are dubious about the safety and health impacts of vaping but still there are vape stores and shops all over the world which keeps telling a story about its growing popularity.

#1: Fewer toxic chemicals

Cigarettes usually have a huge amount of toxic chemicals called toxins. Cyanide, nicotine, lead, arsenic, carbon monoxide and the list still goes on and on. There are 24 harmful chemicals which are produced by smoking and all these lead to cancer. On the contrary, vape juice doesn’t contain as many chemicals as tobacco cigarettes. E-liquid contains VG, PG and other flavors as well. These flavors are approved by the FDA.

#2: Not much hazardous to health

Smoking has always been associated with mouth cancer, lung cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. It has been proved long back that smoking is pretty injurious for our health and that is leads to a disease that’s incurable among chain smokers. This happens due to the carcinogenic chemicals and their reactions.

#3: Vaping is not at all addictive

Nicotine is the addictive chemical in tobacco cigarettes and this is the reason why people find it tough to quit. The commercially available vape liquid in the stores don’t contain nicotine and hence they can never get addictive.

#4: Assists in ditching smoking

Majority of the electronic cigarette users vape because their primary reason is to quit smoking. There is enough evidence to the fact that there are several chain smokers who have claimed to cease smoking for a period of at least 3 months when they took to vaping. Hence, vaping can be used to quit smoking. Before you take to vaping, make sure you go through the reviews at www.e-cigarettereviewsuk.co.uk.

#5: Array of flavors

One more added point of benefit is that vaping has got several different flavors which are available for its users. Cigarette users have tobacco to enjoy while you get vape juice in different flavors like strawberry, apple, caramel, cherry and menthol, to name a few.

Therefore, whenever you’re wondering about whether to vape or smoke, you should definitely switch to vaping to reap the above listed benefits.

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