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The human body is made up to 4 liters of fluids with the major component being blood. Vessels for blood movement through the body can be faced with complications with the most common one being varicose veins. This is a complication associated with the twisting or enlargement of veins located in the legs because of continued standing or walking causing an increase of pressure of blood in veins located in the feet. Varicose veins are associated with pain while walking and swelling of the limps. This causes the people infected to have a feeling of insecurity when wearing body exposing attire. This may range from sandals, swimsuits, and shorts among others. To curb this, an organization known as the Advanced Vein Therapy have joined hands in coming up with solutions to counter varicose veins.

More on Varicose Veins.

The circulation of blood ends when blood pumped from the heart flows back to the heart after being pumped all over the body through every part of the body. Muscles are involved in the process where in rare instances of varicose veins, the valves malfunction leading to blood pooling in spots. A less serious version of varicose veins is the spider veins which is characterized by smaller blood vessels on the skin surface as compared to varicose veins which are characterized by big blood vessels below the skin surface which are blue or dark purple. Stated below are some of the major symptoms of varicose veins.

  • Legs become heavy, they start acing and pain may be felt. The extent of the pain increases with advancement in the infection.
  • The affected areas which in most cases are the teeth may experience a burning or swelling. In some cases, cramping and throbbing may be experienced in the affected areas.
  • Long periods of sitting or standing result to more intense pains
  • Veins tend to become harder and skin ulcers may be experienced which are a sign of more advanced varicose veins and demand for quick medication.

The advancement of technology has seen the invention of treatment referred to as the Endovenous Laser Ablation. This kind of treatment helps relieve the pain and helps reduce the unsightly look of Varicose Veins infected legs. The process starts with the performance of an ultrasound which is done to determine the vein which will be treated for varicose veins. The leg is then cleaned to avoid any infection on the treated place, the patient is administered with an anesthetic which prevents any kind of discomfort during the process, a fiber is then inserted to the infected vein and the process concluded by passing a wave of light over the vein. This closes the infected vein and blood changes its route to a healthier vein.

The completion of the process comes with a need for more care and practices to ensure hygiene all the time. The treated area should be kept neat all the time, the infected should keep their hands clean and the dressing should be done on a regular basis to help reduce any activities which can lead to primary infection. Regular checks should also be done to check if the process ended successfully.

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