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Glo: The Best Online Yoga at Your Fingertips

You’ve heard all about it before. This yoga app is fantastic but it’s only available from the Apple store. Or maybe you’ve heard about online subscriptions, only to find that they will not work in your internet browser. Either way, it’s very annoying.

Glo offers a solution to that. Rather than just being on one platform, they’re on several, so you can get their online yoga classes wherever you want them. Even better, they allow you to download classes, so even on an airplane you can meditate and do some small stretches.

All the Devices

Glo makes a point of making the best online yoga classes accessible, and they feel it is their mission to serve you. To that end, they have interfaces to a great many platforms. In addition to working on all computers, they also make a point to work on both Apple and Android mobile devices. This includes tablets, which is great for mobile practice.

Additionally, Glo allows streaming across television casting devices such as Roku. It’s a very cool experience to put the yoga class up in the living room and have the whole household involved. With all the options, including kid-friendly yoga, you can encourage your whole household into a healthier lifestyle.

Listen Anywhere

One of the more unique features Glo uses to deliver the best online yoga is downloads. These downloads temporarily store in the device memory so that when you want to watch them, you do not need internet access at all.

Imagine you wanted to go on a hike, and you wanted to feel more connected. So deep into the mountains you go, and along the way, you decide you feel pulled to a particular spot. Then all you need to do is pull out your device and practice yoga, even if there’s no signal for miles.

Show Anyone

With digital downloads, it’s easy to show anyone something that would help them. After all, different yoga practices offer different specialties. Certain yoga practices might ease arthritis, while others focus on flexibility. The options are endless, and I’m sure you know someone in your life who could use a little encouragement.

Imagine going over to your mother’s house for the day. The kids are all running around outside while you sit on the porch with your mom. She’s rubbing her knees like she’s been doing for a few years now. You pull out your phone, and in a couple taps, you have a whole list of exercises that she can do to help with the pain. You two try out a few until the kids come back ready for their snack. That’s the power of having the best online yoga courses anywhere in the world.

Parting Words

Every person’s yoga practice is different. With Glo’s access to thousands of the best online yoga videos, you can try out distinctive styles, practices, and exercises on any device, anywhere. With that much flexibility and convenience, your practice of yoga will really take off.


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