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Tell-tale Signs Indicate Vision Checkup From Optometrist

Eye sight quality is not considered daily even if you wear glasses or never felt a need for vision adjustment. However, majority of people experience changes in eyesight overtime. Actually, these changes can be slow enough to get overlooked.

Eyesight testing helps to identify any changes in the vision. Regular visit to optometrist for eye exam is necessary, so that eye conditions get diagnosed early. In addition, on-time vision correction helps to perform tasks like operating a machinery or drive a car, safely.

Preferably, one eye checkup in a year is enough to maintain eye health but few people may need more than one eye examination in a year. Changes in vision is more in a year for elderly or senior citizens. Below are some eyesight issue tell-tale sign, which indicates to schedule an appointment with professional eye doctor for a checkup.

Change in night vision

Many adults can experience vision change the first time, during night driving. They struggle to read relevant road signs or find it hard to see other vehicles on the road. If you see halos around lights or find it hard to distinguish things like telephone poles or cannot read road signs then visit an eye doctor.

Health condition affects eyes

A person’s overall health, right from nutrition to sleeping habits affect how your eyes feels and functions. Diabetes, thyroid, lupus, and other health conditions can impact eye sensation. It means you need to undergo a vision test and take special care of eye health. Regular checkups are crucial.

Eye infection

Besides detecting vision changes, an eye doctor even evaluates eyes and eyelids health. Some eye infections get cleared on their own but some are contagious and the possibility of causing permanent damage to the eyes increases. Therefore it is wise to consult an eye doctor as soon as you experience discharge, itchiness, and redness in the eyes.

Frequent headaches

Headaches get triggered from stress, inflammation, and muscle tension but can even be a sign of vision changes. If headache intensity or frequency increases schedule an appointment with eye specialist. If you experience migraine then during, after or before an episode, you may see auras or spots. These are harmless but in some cases, some health condition may be contributing to migraines and ultimately affecting eye health.

Recurring eye fatigue

Strain in the eye can be because of many reasons like spending hours reading books or before computer screen. If this discomfort is persistent then it is a hint of eye infection. You may even experience hurt in the eyes, while moving from right to left. It is time to schedule eye exam.

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