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Skydance Animation: Past & Current Projects & Rumors of the Future

Skydance Animation is a newly formed subsidiary company of Skydance Media. Former Pixar and Disney animator John Lasseter was recently tapped to head up the Skydance Animation team. So far, the venture has resulted in 1 animated short (Blush) and 1 feature film (Luck), with SpellBound expected to release soon. Yet, there’s more to come for fans, and we’ll cover the rumors about these hush-hush future endeavors.

Short Beginnings with Blush

The first release by John Lasseter working with Skydance Animation was a short, ten-minute installment named Blush. This sweet love story could make just about anyone redden in the face thanks to its unique setting and overall message to the audience.

An astronaut/horticulturist crashes onto a desolate planet, and he tries to bring life back to the harsh environment. Another ship hurtles onto the planet carrying a female, and they ultimately fall in love while attempting to restore the environment they fell into.

Luck: A Unique John Lasseter Full-Length Animation Film

After departing Disney-Pixar, Luck was released in 2022 as Lasseter’s first full-length comeback film in the world of animation. True to its name, this movie is all about luck—good and bad. Within a secret world, an unlucky young lady discovers magical creatures that create both kinds of “fortunes.” Antics await as bunnies in hazmat suits, millennial leprechauns, unicorns, and dragons go awry in this comedy.

The Highly Anticipated Spellbound

While the plot has been a bit secretive, we do know a few things about the upcoming release of Spellbound in late 2022-early 2023. John Lasseter has slated an all-star cast for this animated musical, where teenager Princess Ellian is tasked with breaking a spell that has split the kingdom in two. This coming-of-age story presents compelling characters fighting the forces of darkness in their magical world. Spellbound is anticipated to be Lasseter’s strongest work so far since taking the helm at Skydance Animation.

Rumored Upcoming Works

Skydance Studios is rumored to have obtained the rights to make several new films, remakes, and even a series. Here are some anticipated upcoming productions by John Lasseter and Skydance Animation.

Ray Gunn

A few sources have hinted that Skydance Animation has acquired exclusive rights to bring to life the story of Ray Gunn. This is a long-time project by Academy Award-winning director Brad Bird. Reteaming up with Lasseter at Skydance, this new/old vision is rumored to be on the docket for release next year. All we know about the plot so far is that it is a culmination of two threads of 1930’s fiction, from gritty characters to squeaky-clean ones.


Very little is known about Pookoo besides that it’s an animated film in the development phases. What has been confirmed is that the director of hits, including Tangled and Gigantic — Nathan Greno — will direct the film. Pookoo is likely to see a release date sometime in 2023.

The Search for WondLa

Based on a series of books by ToniDiTerlizzi, The Search for WondLA is an Apple original, and the company claims to have made a multi-year deal with Skydance Animation. While there is no formal release date, the rumor is that the series is set for at least two seasons.

The premise of Search for WondLa is that Eva Nine (voiced by Sarah Hollis) flees her home after an attack. Her journey is to find her place in this world while she runs with her very unique robot mother, who is a tall, blue water creature.

John Lasseter Is In Demand Amid Animation

John Lasseter continues to fuel his already legendary status in the world of animation. Now that he’s heading up Skydance Animation, it appears that countless directors, writers, producers, and top actors are eager to work with him to transform their visions into successful films.

It’s clear from the widespread popularity of Luck and Blush that Skydance Animation and animated films will be rising stars in the entertainment industry. With Disney and Pixar as top competitors, it’s up to John Lasseter to take this new venture to the next level to make Skydance a household name.

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