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Look straight, say cheese and here you go!

Photos are the true memories of the moments that are precious to you. When you rest your hand on the shoulders of your man and look at him with your chin a bit high, you pose for a romantic duo that you may wish to see again reflecting back the day when you were a proud girl of a deserving man.

Photo albums are just not a collection of few odd pictures that have been clicked years back. These albums define the transition, mark the silver lining and proclaim your best memories.

Technology Impact

The reel cameras did their bit. They ruled the photo market for years. It was a craze to load cameras with new reels and take pictures carefully, so that you do not run out of the negatives.

With the revolutionary advent of photo cameras in the mobile phones, digital photography shadowed the reel photography completely.

Today best of class software is used for imaging and photography that makes a picture speak thousands of emotions and feelings.

Personalized Photo Booth

Any party in New York is incomplete if it does not have a photo booth. These booths can be at the entrance, near the bar or near the dancing lounge. A booth matching with the theme of the party captivates the guests and makes them swoon over the entire concept and décor of the place.

You should surely plan a photo booth at the venue if you are planning to host a get together or throw a party for your friends. Get more information about these personalized booths from www.thephotofactory.co

Posing Correct and Taking Selfies. The new must of every party

It would be correct to tag it a fad, but it’s a fact that today people start clicking pictures the moment they enter a party place.

The usual greetings, French kisses, hugs and hand shakes have been overtaken by posing together and taking a picture. The trend has become so viral that unless you click a picture and post it on social media you do not seems to have enjoyed the party.

So even if you are conscious of camera, people will drag you to pose and get a picture clicked.

Still pictures and Video

Apart from still pictures, streaming videos is also in vogue. If you shall find people taking selfies at clicking pictures in every party, you shall also find your dance movements being recorded for a video to be seen later on.

With multimedia software, videos can be edited where you can adjust the light, color, add music, add text, add themes or make a completely personalized video.

If you are planning to host an event, then there are several specialized agencies that might help you in getting the right pictures clicked and amazing videos made.

Photo Props

Ever wonder from where did your friend get that oversized goggles that made his picture funny and popular? Moustaches, Curly colorful hair wigs, smileys and accessories, photo props are getting in demand for any party. In New York, people are crazy of getting their pictures clicked with these props. You may contact The Photo Factory for new designs and creative props.

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