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Infant feeding: How to choose formula

Milk-based formula nutrition is the only hope for babies whose mothers cannot provide them with breast milk due to various circumstances. This can be all kinds of diseases of a nursing woman, in the treatment of which breastfeeding is not compatible. And also, there are cases, when by some individual convictions, mommy does not want to nurse her baby with breast milk and prefers formula feeding.

The most challenging thing for parents is finding a suitable formula for their child because the newborn’s nutrition greatly influences future health. And before you figure out which formula is best to buy, you need to comprehend each formula’s composition and properties thoroughly.

What you need to pay attention to when choosing baby formula:

First of all, it is your baby’s nutritional needs characteristics. For example, you should assess the degree of intolerance to the milk formula. Some babies may have digestive disorders or allergic reactions. Therefore, parents should discuss all the questions related to the baby’s nutrition only with the pediatrician.

  • Introduce new formula gradually

 It usually takes 3-6 days and depends on the daily amount of formula and the number of feedings per day of your baby. It is unnecessary and, even more, can be dangerous to change the formula every 2-3 days.

  • Baby’s age

There are different formula stages to adequately cover a baby’s nutritional needs at each step of development.

  • Shelf life

As a rule, the manufacturer recommends storing the opened formula for 2-3 weeks. Prepared milk formula should be used within one hour. After 60 minutes, the leftover milk should be thrown away.

Best baby food brands

Deciding what is the best brand to buy baby food, you need to get acquainted with the best manufacturers of such products.

HIPP is a German manufacturer engaged in creating infant formulas for over half a century. The products of this company, which include: juices, porridges, purees, tea, baby formulas, are of decent quality and do not have side effects after their use.

Loulouka is a relatively new but fast-growing organic brand. Its distinctive feature is that the formula is based on whole cow’s milk (with high concentrations of essential vitamins and minerals), and you cannot find soy and palm oil in its composition.

Enfamil infant formula is made on the basis of cow’s or goat’s milk and varies in its components: vitamins and minerals. They are often enriched with iron and omega-3 fatty acids.

Despite your feeding method or a wide range of infant formula to choose from, the main thing is to find the best possible option for your baby that helps you enjoy motherhood.

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