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How Much Bread Should One Consume in a Day?

With more number of people become health conscious today, bread has now be considered into a healthy grain group. Any bread made of honey, grains, sprouts, barley, oats and cereals is considered to be healthy. Unless you are allergic to wheat or breads, you could hog on these whenever you are hungry provided you know the right proportion to eat.

The portion of bread varies from person to person considering other factors like weight, height, diet and fitness routine followed. 

One of the major concerns today is to trust whether all brown breads are healthy. Don’t get fooled by the color brown. Not all brown colored breads contain wheat. These could be colored with brown sugar to change the look of bread. People are shifting to home-based bread machines so that they choose their own ingredients in bread loaf or bar. Adults usually need about 30 to 35 grams of fiber in their diet. Eating 3 slices of bread in breakfast gives you the right portion of fiber.

Two slices of bread in dinner time helps you to redistribute fats.

It is proven that breads baked from whole grains do not make you fat. Studies have shown how these help in your weight loss programs. These breads when consumed transform your fats to healthy fats. Be glad that a few slices of whole grains leave you with no belly fat over other white flours. Twice or thrice consumption of breads weekly help you acquire the right amount of calcium for your bones and teeth. As per the research, adults need 1000 mg of calcium in a day. Whole grain sandwich with cheese, yogurt, milk, and broccoli give you a perfect intake of calcium.

Homemade breads are excellent source of Vitamin C. 

Grains used in breads are rich source of Vitamin C. The other added vitamins to be noted are Vitamin B, folic acid, niacin and riboflavin. These are highly needed for lactating mothers and even pregnant women. Pregnant women must consult their doctor to check the right amount of whole grains breads they can consume during their pregnancy. Grains offer you great source of minerals needed by your body. Manufacturers are focusing on all these aspects and trying to bring the best bread machine models at your doorstep.

Did you know Breads made from whole grains can reduce risks of Asthma?

Freshly made breads from whole grains if consumed in early stage of life reduce the risk of Asthma. Another interesting fact about these wheat breads is that you have lesser chances of gum diseases. Gums are linked to inflammation and other health conditions that are likely to subside with the help of whole grains included in your breads. Include more of oatmeal, brown rice flour, whole grain flour and other similar cereals while you bake breads at home.

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