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How Do You Think Marijuana Is Addictive as Alcohol?

It is estimated that 10% of people who smoke marijuana eventually get addicted to it. This implies that there is a possibility of 90% people using it as a recreational relaxation. There is a belief among people that marijuana is harmful, which is not true. Marijuana can be considered one of the toughest drugs to give up because addicts find it difficult to let it go other than the drugs being addictive.

In case of marijuana, it is necessary to take detoxing seriously in order to get the addiction out of your system. Most of the people, addicted to marijuana start using it for recreation which finally ends up as an addiction.

If used properly, it can help you relax, escape and find comfort for a certain period of time. However, drug and alcohol residential program offers several treatments and sessions to help you negotiate with the addiction.

Use of marijuana can have many harmful consequences. Such as –

Significant brain abnormalities

Researchers have mentioned that brain abnormalities are common among 18 – 25 years old, who are found to smoke marijuana frequently. Abnormal behaviour emotionally is one of the consequences. Therefore, we can believe that even the casual use of marijuana can instigate the chance of decreasing our ability to deal emotionally.

Effect on an adolescent brain

According to the studies, based on 1000 students who started taking marijuana at a young age it is found that in the initial stage of the drug, your IQ shoots up slightly. On the other hand, for a regular marijuana user, IQ has shown to drop by 6 points approximately.

Chances of developing depression

One study covered 1620 number of people who were followed for 16 years. It is seen that people who smoke marijuana are more likely to develop depression.

Chances of developing psychotic symptoms

According to the 3-year studies on 4045 number of people, it is seen that a marijuana smoker has 3 times more chance of developing psychotic symptoms than a non-smoker.

Marijuana and pain control

According to the test conducted to compare the effect of marijuana with codeine it is found that marijuana is not anymore as effective as codeine. 60 – 120gm of codeine is stated as more beneficial in curing pain than the use of marijuana. On a contrary, it is specified that marijuana develops the chance of depression in an individual. Detoxing is a process of getting rid of toxins accumulated in your body. It can take days or week for the whole process to complete.

Symptoms of withdrawal

One of the common symptoms is headache. It can last from few weeks to even months with initial days being most severe. The other symptoms can be sweating at night, anger which can also last for days or even weeks/months. Emotional control can become difficult when anger, depression and euphoria bounce back randomly. Short while deficit in the ability to concentrate is another symptom you might face during the whole process of detoxing.

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