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Can You Do Cardio for Muscle Gain?

A million dollar question is can you do cardio exercises while bulking? Beginners of the bodybuilding want to keep a safe distance from cardiovascular exercises because they think this will serve as an obstacle for them. On the other hand,there is nothing wrong in doing cardio exercises. Actually, it is beneficial for them. Experts are debating on both sides on this topic. Beginners in bodybuilding want to know, whether they can include it in their exercise routine or not? Will it waste their bulking phase? Go through this article and at the end of this article, you will be able to take your own decisions. Your fitness trainer know what would be best time of day for exercise.

Should you do cardio?

There are two sides of doing cardio, one is benefit and other is harm.

Let us start it with the benefits of doing cardiovascular exercises. First, it will make your cardiovascular system efficient and healthier. It will strengthen your heart muscles and lungs. It will enhance the immunity system; it will strengthen your bones and regulate your digestive system.It will minimize the fat gains and improve the quality of your sleep. This way it will help you to recover faster from your workouts. Better muscle recovery means healthier muscles and increased size.

Second part is harm. People who are not awarethink that they will burn more calories by cardio exercises. They think that in order to gain weight, they have to create a calorie surplus, which will result in weight gain. Cardiovascular exercises do not have anything to do in your bulking cycle. You can still get faster gains, achieve a healthier body provided you have a calorie surplus, anddo cardio exercises in limit. This is not the case with only cardiovascular exercises even if you do weight training for more than the requirement, you will burn a lot more calories and this will affect your gains.

Keep in mind

If you think that, you are losing weight after including cardio in the workout routine,then increase your calorie intake and you will find yourself back on the track.

It is essential to eat enough for bulking up, but if you are not eating quality protein, you will not gain, as you desire. This is because you will not have enough protein to build muscles. You are advised to consume 1 g protein per pound of bodyweight; this will keep you on safe side. Ask your physician what would be best time of day to consume protein or other supplements.

Remember you do not have to cardio exercises on the same day when you are exercising your legs. This is because cycling,and running use your legs and doing leg training on the same day will be too much for your legs. This may take you in the category of overtraining.

Do not over do

Remember that cardiovascular exercises are of different types, you have to use it to benefit. You are not going to take part in the marathon. You do not want to be a runner. You are working out to gain muscle. Running on a treadmill or in the park for 20 minutes, 3 times a week is sufficient

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