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7 Quick Facts Worth Knowing About Bath Bombs

If you look for luxurious bathing products online, you will certainly find bath bombs in the list. Bath bombs look like tiny balls, and once you add them to the bathtub, these fizz and release essential oils, bath salts, color, flower petals and much more. In this post, we have enlisted seven very fun facts about bath bombs.

  • Contrary to popular belief, bath bombs are not new in the market. In fact, these have been around for more than 30 years, and with time, the range and collections have only improved. Bath bombs can be expensive. Yep! If you are considering using them, you can always cut them into half, especially if you are using a bucket of water or have a small tub at home.

  • There are brands that make bath bombs exclusively for men. Yes, you read that right. Don’t like the feminine and floral scents? There are products that have been formulated with masculine scents for men, and by men.
  • Most bath bombs have some form of bicarbonate in them, which causes the fizzing action. Bath bombs also include bath salts, essential oils, cocoa butter, Shea butter, and oils like coconut and almond. The oils add the moisturizing effect, while bath salts are great for soothing and relaxing muscles.
  • It’s best to use freshly-made bath bombs, because these products fizz better and retain the goodness of the essential oils. On an average, a bath bombs fizzes in about five minutes after adding to the water. You will be surprised with the color choices available in the market.
  • Bath bombs that contain all-natural and organic ingredients are the best, mainly because not everyone tolerates synthetic colors. Also, if you are allergic to certain essential oils, choose your bath bombs with care. Avoid the ones that contain glitter, which can irritate the skin.

  • The brand of the bath bomb matters considerably. Unless you are short on budget, always go for products that are made known luxury brands, as there are no compromises on the products or ingredients.
  • Finally, bath bombs don’t affect your hair in a negative way, so if you don’t feel like taking a shower, that’s completely okay. Unless your product contains any of the synthetic dyes or colors, you don’t need to worry.

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