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Your Questions Answered about LASIK Surgery

Sometimes you just need a little assist visually. If you are relying on eyeglasses or contacts to read or drive, you can see better than ever before by opting for LASIK eye surgery. This form of vision correction is designed for people who want to discard the need to wear lens correcting eyewear.

By using a laser to correct the vision, the chances of seeing 20/20 again are about 98%. The LASIK procedure is fast – you might even say you can obtain treatment results in a blink of an eye. Therefore, your farsightedness, nearsightedness, or astigmatism can be eliminated almost instantly.

What Does LASIK Stand For?

The acronym LASIK is short for laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis. During the procedure, the laser reshapes the cornea so normal focus can be restored. The flap is lifted and the laser is applied to improve vision.

The treatment site, or the cornea, is located on the front part of the eye. The cornea is designed to focus light onto the retina. If the eyeball is shorter or longer than what is considered normal, the image that is projected becomes distorted or blurred.

After the laser application, the flap is replaced, permitting it to heal in its original spot. You might say that the flap serves as a protectant over the treatment site. Only a minimal amount of discomfort is experienced after a San Antonio LASIK procedure, which normally lasts just over an hour.

The youngest age for a LASIK surgery consent is 18 years of age. The eyeglass or contact lens prescription also must be stable to proceed with the surgery. Because the cornea strengthens as one ages, an older person has an advantage over a younger person when opting for surgery.

The best type of LASIK procedure is one that is done without a blade. One of the innovations in LASIK procedures is the IntraLase® laser-assisted tool. This device features a computer controlled design. The precision technology of the laser replaces the need for a blade. As a result, the risk of complication is reduced as well. In fact, when IntraLase® is employed, surgical vision correction can be done safely and without complications.

Using an Excimer Laser

The use of the excimer laser for LASIK procedures, or the WaveLight® EX500 Allegretto can be used to reshape the cornea so glasses are not needed to see at a distance. Once the corneal flap is elevated, the excimer device sculpts and shapes the cornea with its advanced design.

Regardless of the type of laser that is used, you can feel relaxed about the process. When a LASIK surgery is scheduled, the doctor reviews and prepares the patients for the process. He or she will explain what will take place. The patient is also given instructions about recovery.

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