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Pest Control in Winter – Do You Really Need It?

Surely, summer is an onset of all types of insects and bugs when you can find yourself surrounded by them at almost every place. This is because, at this time of the year, they can easily roam around without being fearful of getting cold or wet and they want to store a maximum amount of food reserve for the rainy and winter season.

They may not be too active during winter season, but crawling insects and other pests at your home or office or farms don’t go dormant. In fact, now they all crawl in to seek safe shelter and warmth at your place. In the places like Minnesota where average temperature ranges from 3 -9o C, the rodents, and other winter-specific insects come as group tourists.

This means winters are no excuse for avoiding your pest control sessions. Here are five reasons to invest your time in fighting pests this winter:

Mice and Rats

Mice are great survivors of time and are believed to be the most adjustable beings. They are fast and capable enough to take entry into your home through a tiny opening in the attic, drain pipes and gnaw of wires or cracks in your door or window.

Insects feeding on Wood

Carpenter ants and termites might not go in their winter sleep if they get cozy wooden places to feed on.  The destruction intensity is very high, and they can destroy even the biggest wooden Chester in no time at all.

Sealing all possible openings of your home

With the primary goal of breaking up the nesting sites and reproductive cycles of various pests around your home and yard, all the possible openings must be sealed before the mice can enter to stay in your home or building. The year-round services by Rochester MN pest control companies help you in identifying the areas where utilities and pipes enter the home and a mouse can use to enter through them.

 Hiding, dormant insects

Insects stay in the hiding during severe winter conditions. If you do not find a crawling insect on your carpet, it must be hiding in the attic or basement. Spiders, cluster flies, Asian ladybugs and box elder bugs can be found in these dark and safe areas.

Spider webs and nests.

Pests like spiders are attracted to one single place and they keep on building their web even after continuous cleaning of the spot. When professional services are rendered, the pest control team takes up an inspection during the winter season to look out for webs, nests, and eggs of the spiders. Immunizing the place multiple times before the advent of the warm season can help in getting a permanent rid from spider’s menace.

Pest control measures taken during the winter season can help in repelling the dormant insects, when they try to come out of their hiding as the weather starts to get warm.

Continental places like Minnesota experience sudden temperature changes. This affects the structure of the house by building cracks in the wall or the outer pipes. Thus, inviting pests to make their way into your home. Therefore, pest control measures are must throughout the year, for a long-lived pest free home.

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