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How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Making our homes more energy efficient allows us to save money on our utilities as well as saving the planet. There are many ways to make our homes more efficient in both energy consumption and energy loss. It is a misconception that we can only reduce energy consumption in order to save on our utilities bills. Many times people overlook preventing energy loss in order to make their homes more efficient. In this articles we will explore different ways of making your home more energy efficient through reduction of energy consumption and energy loss.

Insulating your home

Before beginning to look for ways to reduce your energy consumption, you should spend some time on ensuring that your home’s energy loss is less than the energy being added into your home. All homes have a certain level of energy loss in the form of unwanted heat or cold entering the home. This is normal, but what is not normal is having to cool or heat constantly due to poor insulation. A properly insulated home can retain its temperature much longer than a poorly insulated home. This is key to reducing energy consumption. By maintaining your home’s temperature longer you can avoid having to constantly heat or cool it down to reach a comfortable temperature. Many times we cannot add more insulation to our inner walls, but exposed areas should be insulated as soon as possible. These areas are often found in the attics of homes. Many home owners prefer using spray insulation as it is easy to apply.

Other Energy Sources

Reducing electrical consumption can be approached in two ways. One way is to use energy efficient appliances and devices. Replacing incandescent light bulbs with florescent or LED light bulbs can help reduce your consumption. However, making sure that your big appliances are energy efficient is more important. Appliances such as your refrigerator or water heater can be big energy consumers, and by purchasing energy efficient appliances your utility bill will be significantly reduced. Another way to reduce electrical consumption is by switching to propane powered appliances. Compared to electricity, propane is both cleaner and cheaper in most cases. Asking yourself, “How much propane do my appliances use?” is a great way of comparing their efficiency to your electrical appliances. Many people have found by switching to propane on certain devices saves them more money than attempting to use less energy. Propane can be a viable option for people that want to keep their energy consumption the same without the same cost.

Saving on your energy bills does not necessarily mean having to sacrifice on your comfort. Setting your home’s thermostat to a lower temperature in winters and a higher temperature in summers will reduce your energy consumption. Having an energy efficient home will prevent having to be uncomfortable in order to save money and energy. The energy savings from a well-insulated home will not only pay for the initial investment, but it will also keep you comfortable throughout the year without having to worry about your energy consumption.

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