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Guide On How To Achieve A Contemporary Living Room

The living room is a very important space. You host your family gatherings and receive your guests in this room. Hence, you must pay heed to each and every element in the room. One of the basic elements of a contemporary living room design is a bright and open floor plan. Further, you must focus on furnishing and decor items that feature clean lines. Various organic materials like wood, teak, rocks, good-looking textile, etc. can be used in a modern living room design as well. If you are not sure how to design a great contemporary living room, here are a few tips that will surely help you:

01 of 06 Clean lines and simple geometric shapes

In a contemporary living room, you should focus on clean lines and simple geometric shapes. This will help to give the area a spacious and bold look. Make sure that all your furniture pieces and furnishings feature straight lines and symmetrical shapes. By following this designing technique, you can create a casual ambiance in the living room, perfect for relaxation.

02 of 06 A high ceiling and open layout

Irrespective of the size of your living room design, you should try to maximise its space as much as possible in a contemporary living room design. Give it an open look where the indoors seamlessly meets the outdoors. As a result, more light will enter indoors and make the interiors appear brighter and well-lit. This will give you a lot of free floor space to move freely and make the interiors appear larger. Further, a high ceiling gives a very opulent and luxurious look. The combination of a high ceiling and open layout is perfect.

03 of 06 Allow more natural light indoors by installing glass doors and windows

Natural light is an important element of contemporary interior designs. You should always allow plenty of natural light to enter indoors to make it appear more appealing. One of the best ways to allow natural light indoors is by opting for glass doors and windows. Besides allowing plenty of natural light, glass doors, windows, and even walls have become a trend in contemporary home decor. Further, transparent glass doors and windows allow you to enjoy a great view of the outdoors.

  1. of 06 Choose contemporary flooring materials

The living room flooring has a huge impact on the overall living room design. Hence, you must pay heed to the floor design and material. Contemporary living rooms should feature smooth floors. Experts suggest using materials like wood, nude tile, or vinyl. However, if you want to introduce more textures in the room, you can always consider introducing a rug or opt for carpet flooring. Both options are great for contemporary living rooms. However, you must ensure that they have a contemporary look. Pairing traditional rugs or carpets with modern living room designs is not always a great idea.

05 of 06 Choose contemporary colours

You must consider introducing only black, white, and neutral shades in a contemporary living room design. Choose white or cream for the walls. However, stones are a great idea if you want to add more textures to the decor. For natural shades, stone blocks, woods, and bricks are a few great options that you can explore. Also, you must maintain a balance at all times. This means if you are choosing white for the walls, choose darker colours for the furniture and furnishings.

06 of 06 Choose lighting options that are trendy

Lighting plays a very important role in all types of home designs. Whether it is a contemporary design or traditional design, you must ensure the interiors are well-lit. There are various contemporary lighting options available these days to light up your contemporary living room design. Do not settle for LEDs. Check out the various innovative and trendy lighting fixtures available in the market. They not only help to light up the room but also act as decor items and enhance the appeal of the room. To add more visual interest to your contemporary living room design, consider opting for accent lighting. You will find various unique options that will add more drama to the room interiors.

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