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Four Good Health Insurance Companies in U.S

There are more than 200 medical insurance (also known as 美国医保) companies in the United States, each with HMO, PPO, EPO and other types of medical insurance to meet different customer needs, summed up is also the choice of thousands of insurance plans. Many people may choose the medical insurance plan with high premiums. In fact, the quality of medical insurance companies will affect the convenience, speed and fairness of payment in the future. Insurance companies are also a part that should not be ignored. This article introduces several well-known American medical insurance companies and their plans (also known as美国医疗保险).


Tiger Insurance (also known as虎虎保险) is a medical insurance and money-saving expert who is rooted in the United States and is committed to serving Chinese students and their families. Up to now, Tiger Insurance’s money-saving replacement program has served more than 700 colleges and universities in the United States. Whether it is from the school or students, the quality of Tiger Insurance (also known as虎虎留学生保险) has been affirmed. The reason for providing the lowest price and the most reliable insurance plan is the long-term cooperation and trust with the top insurance companies in the United States, such as United Healthcare, Aetna, and GBG.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Headquartered in Chicago, Blue Cross Blue Shield was born in the Great Depression of the 1930s, starting in Dallas, Texas, where local teachers paid a 50-cent monthly premium to Baylor Hospital for 21 days of hospital care; during the same period, the US Northwest Coast The Blue Cross Blue Shield health plan was officially launched as logging and mining workers in the area began paying local doctors a small monthly fee for medical services. As the largest medical insurance institution in the United States, Blue Cross Blue Shield provides nearly 100 million policyholders (approximately 1/3 of the US population) with services covering 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Independence Health Group

As a Blue Cross Blue Shield, serving in multiple states, AmeriHealth and Tandigm are part of the IHG family of businesses, providing insurance services to more than 8.3 million people, including more than 19,000 babies, with more than 42,000 health professionals, Independence Blue Cross Cardholders can skate for free at Blue Cross RiverRink in Philadelphia.


Founded in the 1940s, it was formerly known as WellPoint, Inc., which was changed to its current name in December 2014. It is the second largest health insurance company in the United States, with approximately 37.5 million policyholders and 8.3 million policyholders in California. California is called Anthem Bluecross, the largest medical insurance company in California.

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