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Five Causes of Pedestrian Accidents Every Family Should Know About

Pedestrian accidents have been the causes of fatalities in Maryland. Motor vehicles, joggers, and walkers share the roadways of the state. In case of collisions, pedestrians suffer more serious injuries and are more at risk of deaths than vehicle passengers. That is why every family must understand the common causes of pedestrian causes and work to educate every member about these causes to prevent road accidents. These causes include the following:

Using Smartphones while on the Road

The use of smartphones is increasingly contributing to the rising number of car crashes. Despite laws for preventing drivers and pedestrians from using cell phones, many are still using their phones on the road. Using cell phones while driving or walking on the road can result in serious injuries and even fatalities.

Driving or Walking while Under the Influence of a Substance

Using drugs or drinking alcohol before getting on the road can slow reaction time, impair one’s ability to judge and interferes with their coordination. Such negative impacts apply to both vehicle drivers and pedestrians.


Pedestrians are expected to be at intersections and marked crosswalks. Drivers do not expect them to dart out from between vehicles or to be in the road mid-block. Pedestrians who do not follow the laws on crossing streets are at risk of being hit by vehicles.


Speeding cars put pedestrians at risk of road accidents. Drivers who drive their car fast won’t have much time to perceive and react to traffic changes. Apart from injuries, they can also cause pedestrian fatalities.

Invisibility at Night

Every pedestrian should try to make themselves visible by at night by wearing reflective or light-colored clothing. Also, pedestrians can increase their visibility at night by putting reflective tape on their clothes, backpack, or shoes as well as carrying a light.  It is equally important for drivers to ensure their headlights are functioning so other drivers can see them driving.

Pedestrian laws in Maryland are clear that vehicle drivers and pedestrians should keep pedestrians safe on the roads. If any of your family members is hit by a car while walking or jogging, it is important to see a pedestrian accident lawyer right away. Getting compensated for the damages and injuries sustained as a result of this kind of accident is not easy if you do it yourself. A competent lawyer should be able to help you get what’s right for you.

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