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Facts and Myths about Genital Herpes

Maybe most of you don’t know about the actual symptoms and facts related to Herpes and might believe the myths that you heard from your neighbors, friends, and elders. Well, in this content I shall discuss Facts and Myths about Genital Herpes:

Myth Number 1 – Genital Areas Infection

Considering that Herpes attacks only the genital areas. Any infection like itching, redness or sorts of blisters occurring on the genital areas is just and only due to herpes. This is wrong and you must not believe in it.

The fact is that although Herpes is a genital infection that occurs due to unsafe sex or having an unhealthy or dirty partner, it is s a skin disease that can attack any area of your body by making blisters on it. The most common and prone places where Herpes can occur is inside the mouth, around lips, and on to the genital areas.

Myth Number 2– People With Herpes Remain Unfertile:

Another myth that’s related to Herpes is assuming that people who are suffering from this herpes cannot have children. They are fertile and remain fruitless throughout their lives. So, one must not marry a person who is suffering from this infection.

The truth is totally opposite. Herpes doesn’t affect the reproductive cells in men or women. People with herpes can be as fertile as a person who never had this disease. However, in some cases, it has been seen that kids with herpes positive parents may have herpes but cases are rare.

Myth Number 3 – I don’t have Herpes:

Well, sometimes herpes symptoms are so hard to find and understand that people suffering through it can assume that they are not herpes patient even when they are.

The truth is that due to unsafe sex and having intercourse with many partners in America, Herpes is the most common problem. According to a study, around 80 percent of Americans are herpes patients. However, due to mild symptoms, people do not understand its occurrence.

Myth Number 4 – Transfers through Blood

The myth about Herpes transfer is also wrong when people think it passes through blood. People think that if the blood of herpes patient gets injected in the blood of a healthy person, he will become herpes patient as well.

This is wrong! The truth is that herpes does passes through blood and anyone with genital herpes can be a good blood donor. There will be no problem for a healthy person to get blood from a Herpes positive. Avoiding this myth is necessary.

Myth Number 5 – Cervical Cancer and Herpes go Hand in Hand:

Cervical cancer and herpes go hand in hand is a wrong myth. It is not necessary that a cervical patient may have herpes and first and vice versa. Anyone, who never had Herpes, can be unfortunately patient of Cervical Cancer.

So these are some common myths and the truths that we usually have regarding Herpes. If you are or anyone in your family is suffering through this problem, proper treatments and regular use of medications like Anti-Viral Herpes Treatment can lessen its symptoms. The cleanliness and safe sex is a must to avoid herpes.

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