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Dentists are professional and well-trained individuals associated with diagnosing teeth related problems, preventing teeth from getting infected and treating the teeth in instances of infections. In London for example, dentist London area is a group of individuals offering all dental services. Dentists perform a number of functions and below are some of the basic functions of dentists. London dental clinics not only offer orthodontic treatments, but also help with cosmetic enhancements like Botox.

  • Teeth whitening and hygiene maintenance- This involves maintaining the natural appearance of teeth and the general health and composition of teeth. Hygiene maintenance should be done regularly to ensure that teeth remain healthy and any infections are diagnosed in an early
  • Teeth repair- This is an activity that involves repairing damaged teeth and making them full again. Tooth repair can be done to repair broken teeth, cracked teeth, filling teeth cavities among others.
  • Teeth straightening- In instances of crooked teeth, dentists can help bring the natural arrangement of teeth by use of braces which come in different makes, shapes,and sizes and is a professional activity that can only be done by orthodontists.
  • Replacing teeth- This is a process that involves putting teeth in places with missing teeth. Missing teeth can be a result of broken teeth from accidents, removed teeth from teeth decay, loss of teeth due to old age or even loss of teeth from the intake of sugary foods or smoking. It involves replacing missing teeth with artificial teeth to function as normal teeth and the patient should visit a dentist regularly to have the teeth checked for infections and many teeth related complications. Replacing or removing teeth can often be a matter of urgency. 24-hour emergency dentists in London offer round the clock support to clients in need of urgent treatment.

Teeth related problems come in different names, complication levels among other possibilities and require different levels of expertise. As a result, there exist several types of dentists each performing different functions. The common types of dentists and their functions are explained below.

  • General dentists- This is the most common types of dentists and performs services like general teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, diagnosing teeth and gum infections among others. This kind of dentists should be visited regularly to ensure for healthy teeth and gum all the time.
  • Orthodontists- This is more advanced dentists associated with correcting defectives in the jaw bone. Defects in jawbones can be as a result of birth or can be caused by accidents. One of their basic function is repairing crooked teeth by using braces. Orthodontists help return a person’s smile and improve one’s biting capabilities.
  • Pedodontists- This is dentists specialized in the general dental care of children and is also known as pediatric dentists. They monitor teeth growth, shedding of teeth and any infections associated with the growth of children. They monitor the gum and treat any infections in infants. Pediatric dentists can administer medications that are rich in calcium to ensure for the growth of healthy and strong teeth.
  • Periodontist- This is advanced types of dentists associated with maintaining a healthy gum and tissues holding teeth in their place like the jawbones. They diagnose, prevent and treat diseases live gum disease (gingivitis) in case infection.

There are several other types of dentists and everyone is advised to visit the dentists at stages of their lives to have their teeth examined and medical care initiated in case of infection.

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