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Benefits of Logging Off and Going Outside

The world is today more connected than it has ever been, for better or worse. Although the Internet and improved telecommunications technology allow us to connect in real time with almost everyone on the planet, this can be both beneficial and detrimental. According to a report, Americans spend up to ten hours every day staring at devices, watching television, and surfing the internet. While our current reliance on technology has many benefits, it also puts us at danger of missing out on certain opportunities.

When we make technology the center of our life, whether it’s watching DVRs from a park bench or reading social media feeds poolside, we miss out on something. We spend too much time in front of the screen, which implies we sit or lie down for long periods of time, most frequently indoors. Fresh air and sunlight, as well as good old-fashioned exercise, have several health benefits that cannot be emphasized. That’s why it’s vital to remember to unplug from technology on a regular basis and spend time in the real world.

There are various benefits to turning off your computer, especially if you spend that time outside. According to study, repeated exposure to social media has been found to exacerbate feelings of hopelessness and stress, as well as the health issues that arise when we spend too much time sitting and consuming electronic media. When you spend all of your time indoors staring at screens, you are exposed to a lot of recycled air and artificial lighting, neither of which is healthy for your health.

Setting boundaries on your digital usage might lead to significant life improvements. You might want to consider ditching your touch screen phone in favor of a more basic phone that doesn’t have email or Internet connection. Consider restricting your screen time in the same way you would restrict your calorie intake on a diet. During your commute, reading a book instead of staring at your phone may also help you unplug and boost your mood.

The checklist that accompanies with this post will help you find some simple techniques to de-stress. You might notice some instant changes in your happiness and well-being if you complete the unplugging checklist.

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