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3 Proven Ways to Keep Scorpions away from your Property

If you didn’t know, scorpions could make excellent pets when properly cared for and housed. However, you don’t want these creepy animals to crawl uninvited in or around your home. Scorpions will only show up in your yard or house if they can get prey like crickets and spiders. Thus, one of the most effective ways of keeping them away from your home is by eliminating their source of food.

Here are some of the ways of keeping scorpions at bay.

1. Maintain your yard

Keeping your clean and organized is one way of keeping away pests. Scorpions love a damp environment, and if your yard is always cluttered and wet, it serves as perfect hiding and breeding area for scorpions. These creepy animals love hiding under small rocks, lumber, and piles of firewood. They can also hide in compost heaps.

Consider moving these scorpion havens further away from your yard and house. You should also mow your lawn at all times and prune overhanging branches or bushes. Keep all types of clutter away from your home, garage, and shade walls. It’s also advisable to keep your compost containers and garbage containers on bricks or other items that can keep them raised. This will make it difficult for the scorpions to thrive in your yard. However, if your home is already infested with scorpions, you may want to call a professional scorpion exterminator in Tucson for help.

2. Seal your home

Scorpions can easily slip into your home through even small openings the size of a credit card. Fortunately, sealing your home correctly is an effective method of keeping these creepy animals from invading your home. Here are tips to help you seal your home and keep scorpions away.

  • Fill in holes and cracks in your baseboards, walls, and the foundations of your house
  • Ensure that your windows are closed tightly. The screens should also be sealed perfectly to keep scorpions from climbing in.
  • Install door seals to keep scorpions from crawling into your house under the doors.
  • Check the mesh over your dryer vent and fix all the holes around it.
  • Fix all leaky pipes, faucets and any other dripping water source. This will keep your home free from moisture and make it difficult for scorpions to live here.

3. Use natural scorpion repellants

Cider and lavender products can serve as a deterrent. You can plant lavender around the perimeter of your home. Besides, you can purchase dried plants or even lavender essential oils and use them to clean and refresh your home. Note that lavender is easy to grow and has a sweet scent.

Another highly aromatic wood with oils that is also fragrant and can repel scorpions is cider. Consider mixing 10 to 15 drops of cider oil into two cups of apple cider vinegar and spray it around your doors, windows, and around your home. You can also add cider chips into your orchard to keep scorpions at bay.

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