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The Issues of Drug Addiction and the Proper Solutions for you

Today, more and more people suffer from addiction, but only some of them are recruited courage and come for help to doctors. Also, quite often drug addicts bring relatives or friends who decide to take their fate into their own hands. Each person is unique; therefore, drug addiction treatment schemes for each are selected individually. In the clinic “Positive”, narcologists use different methods to combat this addiction, but all treatment programs necessarily include detoxification. What is this period and from what procedures does it consist?

The main features of detoxification of the body in addiction

Detoxification is a period that is necessary for every drug-dependent patient, because it helps to significantly alleviate the withdrawal syndrome, and then get rid of physical dependence. That is, with the help of cleansing the body of toxic substances and opioid products, you can get two main effects, necessary at the first stage of getting rid of addiction. The lighthouse treatment is important in this matter.

The Use of the Drug

Drug use leads to the fact that accumulated in the body psychoactive substances poison it, reduce concentration and memory impairment, resulting in brain fog, hallucinations and inadequate behavior. A person, in whose organism a large enough stock of such products is accumulated, is incapable of thinking rationally. And even if the addict tries not to consume for a while, then it does not work for him, because toxins get not only into the bloodstream, but also into adipose tissue, and from it they can be slowly excreted for several years, again and again activating the cravings to the drug.

The Path

Therefore, anyone who has decided to take the path of life and stop using drugs, it is important to clean up your body qualitatively, so that the breaking has passed as painlessly as possible, and the dependence has disappeared even at the physical level. In this state, a psychologist can already work with a person to find the triggers that led to addiction, and successfully eliminate them. But without the first major stage cannot do.

Many drug addicts say that detox will be taken at home, and psychotherapy will be sent to the clinic. But at home it is impossible to cope with dependence, and to start cleaning without observing medical personnel is very dangerous for health. Such experiments after a long-term relationship are fraught with death, so in no case should you risk and try to detoxify the house – only in the clinic can a correct phased purification of the body, under the clock control of qualified doctors.

Those people who have already tried to cope independently with drug dependence, simply abandoning to use one day, probably know what is breaking and what its painful consequences. Usually, many people, staying in this tiring morbid condition, just break down and are anxious to find the dose as soon as possible. Actually, this is the dependence. Experiencing unbearable suffering, a person wants to get rid of them as soon as possible and immerse himself in his unreal, but such a pleasant world. To stop the vicious circle of withdrawal-dose-breaking, we invite patients to our hospital. Thanks to detoxification, the withdrawal of the addict is much easier, and sometimes even completely unnoticeable – it all depends on the length of use, the age and health of the patient, and also on the type of drugs.

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