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Quirky Wedding Ideas You’ll Definitely Want to Plan For

You’re probably in the midst of planning, having been bogged down for weeks, painstakingly getting every little detail down. And quite right. It’s your big day after all so making sure it all goes smoothly is going to be first and foremost on your list of priorities. But, before you get everything finalized, how about one last look at some of these quirky wedding ideas first? You never know, these might be the cherry on top of an already amazing plan.


A dream wedding can quickly look like it’s going to rack up a hefty sum of money so it’s really important to get the budgeting right and know what you can spend and where. That said, there’s no real reason to spend a small country’s GDP on the event, especially given the myriad ways to cut costs on things to take a little bit of the sting out.

As soon as you’ve got the budget finalized and the date in mind that’s when you can move forward with planning the entertainment, venues and catering. A quirky idea? Don’t do it in July as that’s when prices are super high. A midweek wedding outside of peak season can make a budget stretch quite a mile and making it a tiny bit more unique.


Settling on how you want invites to look and the messages you want them to carry can be a bit of a headache. Sure it’s nice to have a theme to adhere to but you don’t always need to go down that road either. For a quirky twist how about designing all your cards, not just the invites but the thankyous too, with the same theme.

Then there’s the option of ditching the cards altogether and going with something a little out there. How about sending a box of sparklers to be used outside the venue on the day, with a simple message of invitation? Look into Sparklers Online to get more of an idea as to how this could work.

Table Decorations

The usual traditions are often said to be staid for a reason. How about taking the blank canvas approach to your wedding day then and putting a creative flourish on things? Themed photos instead of label table holders can be a really fun way of putting some fun into something that is often quite dull, especially if they catch a photo of someone in a particularly unique situation and carry that as a theme.

You can create table place cards quite easily thanks to social media and print companies. Throw a caption on them that is unique to that person and you’ll have an interesting talking point (and something to share as an icebreaker) for people too.

Who said you have to put table decorations on a table in the first place? Why not hang photos or montages of guests around a venue for people to explore on their own? This can also work really well for outdoor weddings with plenty of trees.

Weddings don’t have to be run of the mill. Perhaps incorporating some of these ideas can help make them more memorable.

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